We are Carolina y MªEugenia and floristry is our vocation and passion. Cotton Candy is a florist’s which evolved from the fusion of our love of working with flowers and the desire to express our creativity by using our hands. Although we work throughout the whole province of Cadiz, we are located in Conil de la Frontera, a fishing village on the Cadiz coast, a place filled with a light which inspires us every single day and which we simply adore.

We love weddings and all those events in which flowers in all their various forms are a symbol of happiness. Bouquets, floral decorations, floral headbands … everything our creativity allows.

We want to help you and to be a part of that special day in your life. You don’t have to know anything about flowers, we can interpret your feelings.

ask for an appointment or send us an email. We look forward to hearing what will make you happy.

floristeria bodas cadiz


Half Extremaduran, half “Gaditana” (from Cadiz), in love with life and the sea. Feminist to the core. With a big secret… I adore dancing reggaeton, at home, alone, or with my Carlita, the love of my life. Beer and sunsets really cheer me up. In a past life I was a man, an Italian pilot with a passion for Flemish 15th century painting, and I had a dog who’s now my business partner ha ha ha…
Now I’m: daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend, aunt, friend, and collector of surreal anecdotes.

Mª Eugenia

An ecophilosopher and the outdoors type, if I have to choose between a rose and a thistle, I’ll take the thistle. In past lives I was always an animal and in the one before this I was a dog. The mottos I live by are: respect everything and everyone and freedom of thought and movement. I’m tremendously contemplative and introspective; I get lost in the details. I’m happy at home with a glass of wine or a cup of tea (depending on the moment), leafing through books on food, listening to the birds singing in the background and letting the sun stream in through the window to make me drowsy.