We adapt to the client’s needs. Decoration adapted to the firms and staff and with zero maintenance. That is our success. We decorate your business. We are in times of weddings… But in Cotton Candy we also decorate your business and we are like the final phase of a reform, an opening or a change of look. There are times

Wedding season is upon us

Wedding season is upon us. And there is a great desire to enjoy this hopeful scenario. Weddings are coming and we want to tell you how we work and how we feel these special moments. For us, a wedding is a set of sensations and feelings, experienced by both the protagonists and the people who accompany them and love them.

Mum, I want to be a florist…

Mum, I want to be a florist… If your daughter tells you she wants to train as a qualified florist, she’s got it tough. Maybe you’ve thought about it many times, or maybe it’s even crossed your mind, but do you want to be a florist in Spain? This time we are going to take the opportunity of our Cotton

Mother’s Day and flowers

Mother and florist. A wonderful and at the same time sweet and sour tandem. For as long as I can remember, Mother’s Day has always been related to flowers. Today I am talking about Mother’s Day and flowers. When I was little, my mother had to work every Mother’s Day and she always told us: “Now I’m going to prepare

the need for spring

The best of the year is just around the corner. We need spring. We are in the month that brings us our favourite season: spring. A season that this time we need more than ever, that offers us wonderful sunsets, lengthens the daylight hours and the colours and smells of our flowers explode. The skies turn pink at sunset and