the need for spring

The best of the year is just around the corner. We need spring.

We are in the month that brings us our favourite season: spring. A season that this time we need more than ever, that offers us wonderful sunsets, lengthens the daylight hours and the colours and smells of our flowers explode.

The skies turn pink at sunset and the landscape is transformed. One takes the car or goes for a walk and enjoys how the fields around Conil change, many shades of green, yellows, poppies are born and the ditches become an added value that we could observe without being aware of the clock, just letting ourselves be carried away by that moment. this means that we need spring.

We want it to come because we need the sun, the weather to invite us to go out and enjoy the countryside and the sea… We are lucky to live in Conil and to be able to take advantage of all that its surroundings and nature have to offer. The landscapes are transformed and we begin to feed on the flowers that grow in the ditches, the smells of wet earth, getting our feet wet with the waves…

We are in a year where we need these experiences. Not being able to go and see our relatives… Miss our clients and friends who come from outside our province makes it hard for us. With the arrival of the sun, the new aromas, the multicoloured fields, we will have a break….

We are still here, offering kisses and hugs through the flowers, empathising with those who call us to surprise a relative or friend and trying to do our best with our work.

The countdown begins. Spring is approaching. There is only one week left in this countdown to the change of season. We are looking forward to it and the weather, at least these days, is good for walking and enjoying the light and nature. All this is because of our need for spring.